13 Free Online Classes to Help You Manage Your Personal Finances (Like an Adult)

Remember when you got your first EFTPOS card?  You felt like a real adult – a ‘working adult’.  It was pretty exciting to be able to just swipe or tap and buy anything (within  reason).  But I also quickly realised, that I didn’t really have the skills needed to properly manage my money.  Not wanting to ruin my credit rating, I decided to ‘educate’ myself.

And I know I’m not alone in this—I bet your or someone you know is also learning how to manage and understand money.  Well, rather than relying on your family and friends to constantly explain to you everything you need to know, why not try an online course?  Alyse Kalish from The Muse published these 13 free courses.  Check them out!

1. The Core Four of Personal Finance, Udemy

Let’s go back to the basics with this course that focuses on managing your debt, reducing your expenses, financing a home, retiring, and everything in between.

Length: 18 lectures/ 1 hour

2. Personal Finance 101, Udemy

Or, for a wrap up of all related topics, try out this beginner course that’ll explain everything from credit to taxes to various issues such as going to college, buying a house, or getting married.

Length: 53 lectures/ 3 hours

3. Personal and Family Financial Planning, Coursera

Created by the University of Florida, this one is for people of any age, who are at any point in their career. In addition to the basics, it’ll cover investing, managing risk, and building your own personal finance plan.

Note: Free without certification

Length: 9 weeks

4. Personal Finance Planning, edX

As the description states, “Have you watched a movie where successful Wall Street characters dropped cool sounding financial jargon and you smiled and nodded without knowing what they were saying?” This class is for everyone who just gave an enthusiastic yes to this (true story: I did).

Length: 5 weeks/ 3-4 hours per week

5. Finance for Everyone: Smart Tools for Decision-Making, edX

Taught by the University of Michigan, this class explores the “beauty and power of finance.” It’ll cover making smart decisions when looking at your money situation—both as a professional and as an individual.

Length: 6 weeks/ 5-6 hours per week

6. Financial Literacy, ALISON

More than just knowing what to do with your money is understanding what it is, how it works, and what it means for your personal and professional life. This interactive class will help you set up your accounts, budget, and work with taxes and government benefits.

Length: 6-10 hours

7. Introduction to Managing Your Personal Finance Debts, ALISON

If debt is your biggest worry, this course is for you. You’ll learn how to set up a debt spreadsheet, how to contact credit card companies, how to prioritize your debts, and much more that’ll get you to that happy “debt-free” zone.

Length: 1 hour

8. Introduction to Simple and Compound Interest, ALISON

Not sure what the heck these are? Want someone to take you through these concepts in an easy to follow way? You’ll love this course that focuses on what simple and compound interest means for your loans.

Length: 1-2 hours

9. My Financial Mountain: Understanding Your Path to a Solid Financial Foundation, Skillshare

Wherever your situation is at the moment, this class will put you on a realistic and effective path toward financial stability—with just seven steps.

Length: 13 videos/ 24 minutes

10. Personal Finance, Missouri State University on iTunes

Want personal finance tips on the go? Download this course on your iPhone now and bring knowledge with you wherever your money takes you.

Length: 8 videos

11. Personal Taxes, Khanacademy

Confused why your paycheck feels so low when you see it? Here’s your guide to government taxes and calculating your take-home pay.

Length: 10 lectures

12. Housing, Khanacademy

If you ever plan on renting or buying a home, you may want to brush up on the key aspects of mortgages, insurance, and real estate.

Length: 19 lectures

13. Investment Vehicles, Insurance, and Retirement, Khanacademy

And to make sure you have all of these topics covered when it comes to personal finance, here are the big takeaways you should know.

Length: 26 lectures