We offer a solution that offers a win-win for employees and employers.  Not only do we offer smarter and cheaper personal loans, but we also offer financial education.

We call it Moni Savi. 

Moni Savi offers formal ‘family money management’ workplace training to interested employers.  In addition, we offer a range of free resources for both employers and employees to help improve financial literacy and reduce financial stress.

We estimate over 80% of employees in Papua New Guinea suffer from money worries.

Financial education is fundamental to reducing money worries, building long term financial confidence and financial wellbeing.

That’s why we offer Moni Savi – free tools and resources that employees need to become better at managing money. 

Moni savi Our financial wellbeing program
Family money management workplace training

Money management workplace training

Savi Moni have developed a custom designed financial literacy / money management program which is available to Savi Moni Loan Partners.

The program has been designed in response to an identified need for families to strengthen skills in planning and saving for the future and seeking advice about money and finance. It has been developed specifically for Papua New Guineans. The program offers a gender inclusive approach.

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Moni Savi Tools & Resources for Financial Wellness

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