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Financial Wellness Can Benefit Both Employees & Employers.

But what is financial wellness?

Financial wellness is the ability to effectively manage your financial life; to be able to confidently balance short-term financial needs while simultaneously planning for your financial future. The end goal of a financial wellness program is to leave you in a position of financial strength and stability. To do so, these programs focus on the foundations of financial planning: emergency savings, budgeting, debt elimination, insurance, estate planning, and investing –ultimately allowing you to focus on other aspects of your life and to worry less about money.

The real power of financial wellness programs is that the benefits are mutually shared between employees and employers. Employees develop the skills and knowledge to confidently navigate their financial lives. Employers see increases in productivity, better employee retention, and improved morale.

Savi Moni has partnered with ABV to offer its partner companies a fully customised, PNG focused, Financial Literacy Training Course.  Start helping your employees achieve financial wellness and enjoy the business benefits that come with financially well employees.

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