Financial affirmations


In a world full of distractions, financial affirmations can help you stay on the right track.  Without a constant reminder of your financial goals, it can be difficult to summon the willpower to stay no to destructive financial habits.  That is when money affirmations can come in handy.


What are financial affirmations?


Financial affirmations are short sayings that you can tell yourself about money. Another name for financial affirmations could be money mantras or abundance affirmations. The goal is to encourage yourself while on your financial journey. It doesn’t matter where you are starting from, a money mantra can help you stay the course to reach your financial goals.

It is important to note that financial affirmations should always have a positive tone. You shouldn’t be constantly negatively critical of your choices or your finances.  Instead, a positive tone will help you stay content with your money choices.  A negative mantra could backfire into poor money decisions.

Affirmations are not unique to personal finance.  You can build positive affirmations to harness the power of positive thinking in every aspect of your life.  But today we will focus on financial affirmations.


Why financial affirmations matter


A positive mindset can make a major difference while you are working to keep your finances on track.  Although it is easy to have negative emotions surrounding your finances, that negativity will not help you move forward.  In fact, a negative mindset could keep you stuck in the same financial patterns that aren’t working for your life.

With a positive mindset, you can find good things because you are looking for them.  Instead of only pointing out the slow progress or mistakes, you’ll find it is easier to comment on the forward progress you’ve made.

Financial affirmations can help you eliminate limiting beliefs from your mindset.  That can help you move your finances towards your dreams.  Don’t underestimate the power of positive thinking!  You might be surprised how your whole life is transformed when you change your mindset.


List of financial affirmations


With a better grasp on why money affirmations are important, let’s dive into some of our favourite money affirmations.


Money mindset affirmations


  1. I deserve a prosperous life.
  2. Money is a tool that can change my life for the better.
  3. I control money, money doesn’t control me.
  4. Money flows to me freely as I move through this world.
  5. I can use money to create a better life.
  6. My finances don’t scare me because I have a plan.
  7. I am worthy of a solid financial foundation.
  8. Money can expand the opportunities of my life.
  9. Negative emotions about money don’t serve my financial goals.
  10. I am a very capable person that can tackle all money obstacles.
  11. More money in my bank account doesn’t make me a bad person.
  12. I am not poor, I am on the path to a wealthy life.
  13. I can become financially free.
  14. I have the power to be a financially successful person.
  15. I have the power to improve my relationship with money.
  16. I can find the positive in my money situation.
  17. Through thoughtful generosity, more money will flow back to me.
  18. My life is full of wealth beyond money.
  19. I believe in my ability to use the money that comes into my life to meet my financial goals.
  20. It is within my power to create a successful financial future.
  21. With hard work and creativity, I can build the financial picture that I desire.


Income affirmations


  1. My income can exceed my expenses.
  2. Money is an abundant resource that I can earn.
  3. My income has unlimited potential.
  4. I accept the flow of money from multiple sources.
  5. My hard work will bring me money.
  6. I can leverage my skills to bring in more money at any time.
  7. I believe in my ability to earn more money.
  8. There are countless opportunities to make more money in my life.
  9. I deserve the opportunity to negotiate my salary.
  10. I deserve to be paid a fair wage for my skills and time.
  11. My job provides the opportunity to work towards my financial goals.
  12. I can use money to change the world for the better.
  13. I have enough money to freely enjoy my day to day life.
  14. I will attain all the riches that I desire with time.
  15. I am on my way to becoming wealthy.


Budgeting, saving and debt-payoff affirmations


  1. I choose to spend my money wisely.
  2. I can make my dreams a reality with careful budgeting.
  3. Finding ways to have fun in a frugal way is enjoyable.
  4. I can track my expenses and stick to a budget.
  5. I have the discipline to make hard financial choices now to enjoy an easy life later.
  6. My future self will thank me for saving money.
  7. I will build an emergency fund to safeguard myself.
  8. I am in control of my expenses.
  9. I enjoy the challenge of saving more money.
  10. I have the ability to spend money on the things that matter to me most.
  11. Every dollar saved puts me closer to financial freedom.
  12. I am happy when I spend my money responsibly.
  13. I am more than my debt.
  14. My debt doesn’t control me.
  15. I am committed to eliminating all debts that don’t serve me from my life.
  16. I spend money on what matters to me, not what matters to the Jones.
  17. Making choices to build wealth today can allow me to build the life I desire.
  18. I have the ability to build a base of financial literacy.
  19. I am excited to keep my finances on the right path.


How many financial affirmations should I have?


Since your money goals are unique, it is okay to have multiple financial affirmations or combine several to motivate yourself.  There is nothing wrong with an abundance of positive thinking.  In fact, having more affirmations that you can identify with can help you continue moving forward.

It is important to note that you can create your own financial affirmation to suit your goals.  Although this list encompasses a wide variety of mantras, creating your own affirmation can have an even more powerful effect. Don’t be afraid to get creative with your financial affirmations!


Where to place your financial affirmations


Once you’ve decided on your financial affirmations, it is time to repeat them. But it can be easy to forget these affirmations without a constant reminder.

With that, we recommend placing your financial affirmations in a place that you will see them regularly.  A few good spots include a sticky note on your computer, the lock screen of your phone, or a small picture frame on your desk.  It doesn’t matter where you place these affirmations, just make sure that you’ll see them often enough to have an impact on your life.


The bottom line


Once you start repeating these financial affirmations to yourself, the first change you may notice is a mindset shift.  With a more positive attitude, you may slowly start to witness a change in your personal finance habits.  The actions you take to align with your financial goals may seem like a more natural fit in your life.


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