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How can I apply?

Firstly, your employer must be signed up as a Savi Moni Loan Partner.  Get your Manager or HR Manager to contact us if needed.

As a minimum you:

Must be a PNG citizen or hold a valid work permit

Must be at least 18 years of age

Must be a permanent employee or on a fixed contract

Must have been in your current employment for at least 6 months

Must earn a minimum net pay of K300 per fortnight

Must have an PNG mobile number and valid email address

Must not be currently under financial stress, be bankrupt or subject to debt recovery proceedings

How does my employer sign up?

It’s easy.  Ask your employer to contact us (or let us know and we can email them) in order to sign up with Savi Moni as a Loan Partner.  They will need to fill in a Savi Moni Loan Partner form.  Once we receive it and provide some initial training to your employer’s payroll staff, you will be ready to apply for a personal loan.  It will only take a couple of days!

What does it cost?

It all depends on your loan amount and repayment period. You can be sure that our rates are generally MUCH cheaper than the average rates being offered in the PNG marketplace.  As a starting point, we are at least 20% cheaper than the average rates available in the market.  We are also FEE FREE.

What happens if I miss a loan repayment or can’t make the full repayment?

If you are going to miss a payment, or are not able to make your full loan repayment for whatever reason, the best thing to do is to contact us BEFORE your repayment is due.  An arrears penalty (1.5% additional interest per fortnight) applies on the amount in arrears (missed repayment amount) – until such a time as you catch up on your repayments.   If you contact us at least 3 days in advance of missing a repayment (or not making a full repayment), we can discuss your options to minimize any potential arrears penalties.  We will work with you to get back on track with your repayments asap.

How does Savi Moni compare to other lenders?

Savi Moni is an ethical and responsible lender – that means we actually care about you and your family’s financial wellbeing.  We will not knowingly ‘over lend’ to our customers, as we care about you having sufficient pay each fortnight to cover the essentials.  We aim to promote economic wellbeing for Papua New Guineans, whilst also helping out in times of need.  We want to build financial resilience via our Moni Savi resources.  In keeping with this mission, our rates are kept as low as possible and with a good borrowing history, they get better over time – we always aim to have the best rates in the market (compared to similar lenders).

How much can I borrow?

You can apply to borrow between K500 to K10,000, depending upon your salary.  For loans greater than K10,000, get in contact to discuss your needs and we will try to assist.  Please note that we will not ‘over lend’ to our customers – we try to ensure that you have enough Kina left over each pay packet (after your loan repayment) to pay for the essentials in life.

What can I use a Savi Moni loan for?

A loan can used for a range of things for example:

School fees, medical costs, car repairs, emergency costs, weddings, special occasions, household goods, personal goods, repairs & maintenance and more.  We are there to help in times of need.

What does refinancing mean?

Refinancing is for customers who have a loan with another lender, that they would like us to pay out (finish) – they then have a loan with Savi Moni at better rates than they were paying their previous lender.  Refinancing can also mean that the customer can get some extra loan money paid into their account.  For example: if John owes Loan Company A K5,000 he can refinance with Savi Moni.  He may choose to refinance his loan and request some extra Kina, say K1000.  Savi Moni pays off his loan (K5000), John gets K1000 paid into his nominated bank account.  His total loan balance with Savi Moni is now K6,000, but at a lower interest rate than he was paying Loan Company A.  Make sure you fill in the Refinancing Loan Application Form.

What do I need to do to get started?

Once your employer is a Savi Moni Loan Partner, fill in the application form, gather the check-list documents, have your employer representative sign the form and lodge with us to process.  It’s simple!

If you are refinancing – you will have to fill in an additional form in order to pay out your current loan/s.  Make sure you submit the refinancing form with your loan application form.

You will need copies of your most recent bank statements.  We recommend you sign up for internet banking ASAP so that you can easily access your account and download bank statements – this will save your time when applying for a loan.

I'm having trouble completing my application. Can you help?

Of course! If your Employer Representative isn’t available to help – we certainly can.  Please jump on Facebook messenger chat or email us at and we’ll get back to you.

Do you complete a credit check on me?

Yes, this is part of the application assessment process – we check with the PNG Credit Data Bureau.

What happens when I'm approved?

Here is how it works:

Once your loan is approved, you and your Employer Representative will be notified via text message and email.  You will then need to see your Employer Representative to sign a copy of the Loan Agreement and Salary Deduction forms.  These signed forms are then returned to us by your Employer Representative.  Once we receive the forms, and they are processed, funds will be transferred to your account (and you’ll be notified by text and email).  If you are refinancing – your current loan is paid off and a new loan is opened with Savi Moni at better rates.  Easy!

When will I get my money?

Generally, it takes one business day to deposit the funds into your bank once your Loan Agreement and Salary Deduction forms have been returned to us.

How do I make repayments?

Repayments are done by your employer, directly from your fortnightly pay.

Can I make extra repayments on my loan?

Yes, you can make extra repayments on your loan.  Additional payments can be made via bank transfer at no extra charge (just use your loan number as the payment reference).  It’s always a good idea to send us an email advising us that you are making an extra payment – just to ensure your loan account is credited without delay.

Will I be charged an early repayment fee?

If you want to pay back your loan early – that’s all good with us.  And, don’t worry, we won’t charge you any early repayment fees.

Can I increase the loan amount on my existing Savi Moni loan? (a Top Up Loan)

Yes, you can apply for a top up loan at anytime, as long as it is within your credit limit.  A top up loan pays out your old loan and replaces it with a new one (you get the extra loan funds deposited into your account).  You fill in a normal Loan Application form and tick ‘current customer’ and fill in your customer number.

Can I get better rates if I am a loyal customer?

Absolutely!  We reward our loyal customers with better rates.  If your employer chooses to engage Savi Moni as their exclusive loan provider – then you will also receive better rates!

What happens if I leave my employer?

If you leave your employer, a few things can happen.

  1. If you move to another Savi Moni Loan Partner Employer, then we can just transfer your loan to your new employer, to be paid back via payroll.
  2. If your new employer is not a Savi Moni Loan Partner – then they can sign up – in which case your loan is repaid via payroll.
  3. You can arrange to repay your loan directly to us via bank deposit – be sure to let us know you are doing this and quote your loan number as the deposit reference, so we know it’s from you.
  4. Or, you will need to arrange a standing payment order to be lodged with your bank that then direct debits payments to your loan account with Savi Moni.
  5. If you do not make a new arrangement with us to repay your loan, we reserve the right to use your full ‘finish work/finish pay’ entitlements to pay down (or pay off) your outstanding balance – but we’ll agree this with you at the time.
  6. If all else fails, we reserve the right to get a court order for you to repay the outstanding loan balance and will also report the defaulted loan to the PNG Credit Data Bureau.

It is important to contact us as soon as possible, in advance, if you plan on leaving your employer.

What happens if I am terminated or made redundant?

In the unfortunate case of being terminated or made redundant, then Savi Moni reserves the right to use your ‘finish work/finish pay’ entitlements to pay off (or pay down) your outstanding loan balance.  Again, please contact us as soon as possible to discuss your situation if this should happen, so we can minimise the impact on you.  Please see the above question ‘What happens if I leave my employer’ for the options on repaying your loan amount.

What happens if I default on making my loan repayments?

Firstly – if you are at risk of defaulting on a loan repayment – contact us straight away.  We may be able to agree a course of action that ensures you don’t default, and don’t end up on the Credit Bureau list of defaulters.

If you default, then we reserve the right to access any entitlements owing to you from your employer, to pay down/off your loan.  If you have no entitlements, then we reserve the right to start legal proceedings against you.

Your details will also be registered with the PNG Credit Bureau, which means it will be difficult for you to borrow money from any lender in the future – you really want to avoid this happening.

How long will it take for a decision on my loan?

We aim to process all applications within 24 hours.  We’ll send you a confirmation text message and email once we’ve received your application.  We may need to discuss your application with you – maybe something is missing from your application or we may feel we need to discuss your application.  If that is the case, we will text or call you to discuss.  This may make your application process a little longer – but it will be worth it!

How do I update my personal details?

To update your personal details, simply email us on

Who is Savi Moni?

Savi Moni is an ethical and responsible lending company, offering a better personal loan solution to employees and financial wellbeing benefits for both employers and employees.

Why is Savi Moni different from other lenders?

We are responsible lenders, meaning we will not knowingly put borrowers in financial stress.  We don’t over lend and we offer financial wellbeing tools and resources.  We understand the benefits to employers of having employees who are financially stable.

Why do we care about Financial Wellbeing?

We care about financial wellbeing because we believe families deserve to be as stress-free as possible when it comes to money.  Research indicates that over half of employees experience financial stress.  This not only affects their personal life, but it also impacts on their working life.  Money worries affect an employee’s ability to perform in the workplace – costing their employer money.

Why is Financial Wellbeing at work important?

The significance of financial wellness in the workplace is understated at most times. The truth of the matter is that financial wellness has a substantial impact on an individual’s and the company’s success.  When employees are stressed about their finances, it not only impacts their productivity and efficiency but also the overall performance of the business.

A recent report by PwC found the number one stress in the workplace is financial stress.

Moreover, employees who lack financial wellness tend to be more stressed, as observed by more than three in five employers (63.3%), according to the Workplace Financial Wellness Index by PwC.

A significant number of employers also noted presenteeism (43.3%), low morale (30%), and absenteeism (16.7%) as other consequences of poor financial wellness.

To learn more about financial wellbeing, check out our financial wellbeing page.

Are your rates really cheaper?

Our rates have been designed to be an attractive alternative to the rates offered by traditional personal loan lenders.  We take the average rates on offer by lenders in the market and commit to beating the average rate by 20% (and often by more!).  When we operate as an employer’s sole loan provider, then your employees will can potentially enjoy even better savings.

What do you mean by ‘responsible lender’?

Being responsible means offering the best (lowest) rates we can and ensuring that employees don’t take on more debt than they can reasonably afford.  It also means we are transparent about our costs and penalties (we are Fee Free).  It also means that we encourage financial wellness for all our customers – via our Moni Savi Resources.

What’s the policy for employees who leave my employment (leave the business)?

If an employee leaves and their new employer is a Savi Moni Loan Partner, then their loan will transfer with them to their new employer.  We reserve the right to access any employee entitlements to pay down/pay off their loan as at their last pay.  If their new employer is not a Savi Loan Partner, then they can either pay the loan off directly or arrange for direct deposits each fortnight to repay their loan.  We will work with them to sort out the best option available.

Is your business model proven?

Yes, it is.  We are the first truly responsible & ethical lender to operate and offer financial wellness resources in PNG.  The research shows that financially stable employees takes fewer days off, are more productive and more stable at work.

Are you encouraging debt?

No – we do not encourage debt, but we know that many PNG employees need personal loans at various times throughout their lives – school fees, medical bills and other life emergencies can mean that they need access to money fast.  We don’t over lend.  We ensure that loan repayments leave a minimum amount of money in employee fortnightly pay packets to pay for essentials.  We can even work with employers to set a nominated ‘minimum’ based on individual employer requirements.

Our focus on affordability means employees don’t take on more than they can reasonably afford.

How much time does it take to 'sign up' to be a Savi Moni Loan Partner?

It takes less than 30 minutes to sign up to be a Loan Partner with Savi Moni.  Fill in the form, nominate your company agents and then they will receive their Web Portal Login details and a simple User Guide. Our Relationship Manager can provide a quick (10 min) training session (in person or online) on how to use the web portal (for uploading & downloading loan documents).  A small investment to benefit not only your employees, but to also benefit your bottom line.

What's involved for my admin staff, in regards to working with Savi Moni?

To keep our overheads down, we operate as efficiently as possible.  Your team’s admin work is kept to a minimum.  Our Loan Management System acts as a quick, easy and simple portal for your staff to manage employee loan repayments and requests.  Staff simply upload loan applications and documents to the portal and download loan agreements for signature by employees.   Payment schedules are sent to payroll each fortnight specifying loans and amounts to be repaid from employee pays.  Our process will take less of your staff’s admin time than if you are managing loans inhouse or working with another lending company.  We will always be looking for ways to make our processes more efficient.

How much time will my staff need to spend on managing loans?

We try to minimise any admin time that our Loan Partners spend.  However, there is a small amount of time needed in respect to loan applications & repayments.

New Loan Applications:  It takes less than 5 minutes per loan application.  The company representative just scans and uploads each application into the web portal.

Loan Agreement:  Again, it takes less than 5 minutes per loan approval.  The company representative just downloads the Loan Agreement for signing, then uploads it back to the web portal.

Loan Repayments:  It takes just 10 to 30 minutes per fortnight.  Each fortnight, the payroll officer will receive the loan repayment summary via email (excel file).  This will tell them which employees require loan repayment deductions – they then fill in the deduction amount made from each employee and email it back.  They then deposit the total amount of loan repayments into the Savi Moni bank account.  No more effort than dealing with any other lender.

So – for a small amount of time invested, your employees benefit from cheaper loans, reduced financial stress (we DON’T over lend) and financial wellness resources & training.  As an employer, you benefit from reducing lost productivity time in the workplace by reducing Financial Stress on your employees.  It’s a win win!

Who is providing your formal financial literacy workplace programs?

We have partnered with Australian Business Volunteers who have designed a PNG specific Family Money Matters course.  The course runs for approximately 10 hours in total and delivery times are flexible.  Read more about them at:

Is there a cost for my staff to be involved in the Moni Savi (financial literacy) program?

There are a number of free resources on our website (with more being added all the time) that your employees can access.  Some are articles, some are tools to download and some are just quick financial tips.  These are all available free.

Our formal financial literacy course is run via our provider, Australian Business Volunteers who have designed and refined a Family Matters Financial Literacy program, just for Papua New Guinea.Delivery options are flexible and we work with employers to ensure their employees can participate whilst minimising the impact on your day to day operations.

Who’s behind us?

We’re backed by investors who believe in the importance of offering a better way for employees to loan money.  People who believe in the importance of financial wellbeing.  Our founders have lived and worked in PNG for 25+ years and know that there is a better solution – one where the lender benefits both the employee & the employer.

Is there any risk or financial liability to my business?

Savi Moni poses no risk to employers.  Our streamlined loan management system minimises the workload for your payroll team.  There are only benefits to be enjoyed when employers sign us as a Loan Partner with Savi Moni.