We’re a money lender.  We offer personal loans.

Where we’re different is how we operate.

Savi Moni is a RESPONSIBLE & ETHICAL lender. Our purpose is to help every day Papua New Guinean (PNG) employees access smarter and fairer personal loans – whilst providing tools, tips and resources to help them to improve their financial literacy.  As an employer, working with Savi Moni brings a range of benefits.  Our financial literacy program, Moni Savi, can deliver savings to your bottom line through increased productivity, reduced absenteeism and improved retention.  These benefits come when employees get better at managing their money and minimise their financial stress.

We’re committed to building products and services that help Papua New Guineans pay down their debt faster and delivering programs to bring better financial wellness to our customers.

A Smart Way To Borrow


  • Our vision is to bring financial wellness to the markets we operate in by reinventing what a consumer lender can be.
  • We are committed to responsible lending, and the financial wellness of our customers
  • We believe Papua New Guinean employees deserve a fairer, smarter deal when it comes to their personal finances
  • We are committed to helping PNG companies to grow and prosper by reducing the costs to their business caused by financially stressed employees
  • We are responsible lenders – meaning that we won’t knowingly put employees and their families in financial stress
  • Our business model is truly innovative, scalable, purpose-led and built to deliver long term value
How Can I Join?


Employers must first become a Savi Moni loan partner (basically, you commit to processing loan repayments direct from fortnightly pays) – once you are signed up, your employees get to enjoy smarter personal loans with ZERO FEES.


Savi Moni is owned and operated by people who have owned and managed businesses in PNG for over 30 years.  They understand the problems associated with money lending and personal loans for both employers and employees. That’s why we started Savi Moni – to provide a better solution.

We are passionate about providing a smarter, fairer, savi way to borrow.

Learn Good Habits With Moni Savi

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